Comparing Metal Halide and LED Lights

//Comparing Metal Halide and LED Lights

Comparing Metal Halide and LED Lights

Why LED wins over Metal Halide?

Experts point out different reasons for why you should move on to 400-watt metal halide LED retrofit as compared to continuing with your metal halide lights. Let us explore the reasons why a move will help you apart from bringing the best cost-savings benefits:

How about life?

When you take the case of a typical metal halide bulb, it will last around 20,000 hours. In the case of larger bulbs, the life will be around 15000 hours. When it comes to LED Canopy lights, the dealers and manufacturers refer the life in different ways. One way they use is to mention L70. This is not a term to measure the end of the life of an LED, but it is a measurement of lumen degradation up to 70% of initial lumens. It does not mean that the ballast, driver or another component might fail prematurely.
LEDs can last for 100000 hours and by this time, you would have already replaced 5 metal halide bulbs.

What about efficiency (lumens/watt)?

When talking about efficiency, the thumb rule is that the more efficient a bulb is, better will be your savings. So, calculating the lumen efficiency of metal halide and LEDs will help. To arrive at the lumen efficiency, you should take the overall lumens produced and should divide the number by the total watts consumed. When you take the case of Metal Halide, you should include ballast draw to the solution. Using this formula, the lumens per watt in the case of a LED retrofit kit is more as compared to the lumens/watt in the case of metal halide. Remembering the golden rule better efficiency is equal to a longer life, you will save more money with LEDs.

Which will have a lower maintenance cost?

Many of us think about moving to a LED corn Light Bulbs mainly for the lower maintenance. As discussed earlier, over the life of an LED light, the user would have changed five Metal Halide lights. When you do more installations, the replacement cost you will have to bear is higher. With the longer life, LEDs will help you with savings on the maintenance costs as well. As you will not have to do frequent replacements, LEDs are friendly to your wallet.

Can you get rebates in shopping?

Nowadays, utility companies are motivating their customers to move on to DLC listed lights. The reason is that these lights are economical for them. It means that there will be lesser demand for electricity when more and more people go for energy-saving LED corn lights. As compared to increasing capacity, lowering demand is more cost-effective for utility companies. So, government rebates are offered if you go for LED High bay lights, which will not happen in metal halide lights.
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